Claire Burbank’s Books

Hello, my name is Claire Burbank and I am 11 years old. I have published seven books on iTunes. To reach them, all you have to do is search “Claire Burbank”. Here is a list of my first six books:booksflyer-dad mess with for site.pdf

  1. Bullying (The Bully Book)
  2. Five Crows
  3. Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume 1
  4. Sassy Tomatoes
  5. Mo Lemont
  6. Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume 2
  7. The Loop of Dreams
  8. Magically Acquainted

I also really enjoy sharing my books with people either just telling them about it or them reading my notebooks that I work with.

I have been writing since kindergarten, and I really love it. I love telling adventure, drama, comedy, and detail through writing. Most of my plot is original, but sometimes (mostly on my latest book) my sister/grandma/mom/dad help me with my stories. All my books except Loop of Dreams  have an anti-bullying and empowerment theme.  I’m so excited to have this website. Thank you so much for reading! Bye!

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