The Bully Book

The Book that Started Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying 

Age Range 3 to 16 (8 Pages)

My first book that I’ve ever published on iTunes is The Bully Book (Bullying). I created it in my basement, where my grandma lives. She helped me name the main character “Amelda”. It is a kids’ picture book and it’s about how little Amelda gets bullied and waits for someone to stand up for her…but no one does… So she decided to do it herself by telling her teacher. If someone is bullying you, it’s not necessarily tattle tailing, but just doing the right thing. She could have stood up for herself, but she chose another good choice, and that was to inform a nearby adult. Then the bullies apologized and everything was great again. But sometimes things don’t go as planned, like in some of my books in Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume 1 and 2. Although this isn’t about them, it’s about Amelda.

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  1. Christy mcjuary says:

    I would love to by all the books u have done.. I strongly believe that u can make a difference in this century. And just maybe some other kids your age would come to their senses and do the same… I sure hope your books make it to the book fair at every school as well….

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