Five Crows

Book Four in Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying

Age Range 5 to 10 (82 Pages)

Five Crows is my forth book in my Bullying Series.  It is a short, 42 paged book that is about a girl named Gale Kettle who really loves crows,  she is teased by a kid named Melvin and wants to prove to him that a crow is a pet. When Melvin, a bully, makes a bet for her to get one, she asks her mom and things get out of hand. Will she make up with Melvin or will they still be enemies? When one of them sees that crows are in danger, they have to save the crows. Will everything work out or will everything fall apart? Read and find out.Claire Burbank Book Flyer v3.0 6 Books

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