Magically Acquainted

Book Seven in Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying 

Age Range 8 to 12 (108 Pages) 

Sky and Nora are mystical creatures on a whole new grade level. They are unprepared for what is coming up next. How could a unicorn and a mermaid go to the same school, you ask? You’ll just have to find out. Sky is a unicorn and is very shy. She is bullied by a rude fairy named Felicia Dankie. She tries to make Sky look “uncool” which is the thing she most feared–or so she thought. She later found out that losing her best friend was the scariest thing she could ever know. Nora is a mermaid and is very outgoing. She runs into a catty seahorse that is very sassy. This seahorse pushes her limits and even makes the outgoing mermaid cry. Join Sky and Nora as they try to solve the problem by making potions, fooling the bullies, and just talking it out. What will finally make the bullies stop?

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Magically Acq

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