Five Crows Excerpt

“Why would anyone want a crow?” Melvin asked me. “Crows are stupid.”

“No they aren’t!” I protested, crossing my arms. “Crows are brilliant!”

“I’d rather have a scarecrow for a pet than a crow,” Tabitha added. Everyone laughed. At me.

“You know, someday you’ll appreciate animals for who they are,” I told them. “Mom will never say no to getting a crow. I’ll even ask her today!”

“Pft!” Melvin scoffed, skeptically. “I bet you’ll have five crows tomorrow.” He was really good at being sarcastic!

“You know what, I’ve had it!” I shouted. “If I get one crow on Friday morning, you will owe me…20 bucks.”

“Deal!” he replied. “Get ready to pay up. I want a new basketball.”

“And I want five crows,” I answered, walking to the swings. YES! That was a good comeback.

I hopped on the swing next to Dana and smiled. “I’m getting a crow.”
“What?” she asked. “You’re mom is never going to let you get a crow.”

“Well, with a little trickering she will,” I explained. “I have a plan…”

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