Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume Three

Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume is a collection of books written and illustrated by Claire Burbank all by herself. There are seven amazical books in the greatious volume three of Claire Burbank Book Collection. Volume one and two has nine more books that I wrote in Third and Forth grade. Thank you to everyone who bought my previous books, Bullying, Five Crows, Sassy Tomatoes, Loop of Dreams, Mo Lemont, Magically Acquainted and I’m Not Invited. Also, thank you to everyone who is planning to buy this book. A special shout out to my family and friends for supporting my career and supporting education around Anti-Bullying and empowerment. I hope you enjoy this book!(Grapes the Monkey is in Book #2) and (Crazy Monkeys is in Book #1).This book includes Bullying, Cloey, Fred the Bunny, Just Monkeying Around, Mister Bobby…The Superhero! Oh, and his Family, Patty and Sarah Reading Minds, and Pepper & Parm. She hopes that by telling stories of Bullying in a fun and different way that it changes the world one person at a time. This is the first time Bullying been published in print format.

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