Frannie-May’s Trip to Amelia Island

Frannie-May is a fourteen year old girl that just wants her February vacation to be entertaining. Little did she know her need for fun would soon be replaced by a need for calmness. Frannie, Winston, and Mary were surprised with a trip to Amelia Island one day, sparking excitement within them. Frannie’s exhilaration was soon deflated when she discovered that her mom’s boyfriend Joel would be attending the Florida trip with them. It would be an understatement to say that she did not admire Joel. She and Mary had to find a way to keep him from coming on the family trip whatever way possible. Winston and Joel’s foolishness make Frannie’s February vacation much more…let’s just say interesting. Join this crazy family as they undergo a number of changes, mistakes, and ludicrous events while experiencing emotional connections along the way.

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