I’m Not Invited

Book eight in Claire’s bullying series: Being Left Out

(Age Range 8 to 13)

Amelia Maskin had never experienced drama in school before…until sixth grade. Amelia and her two best friends, Ellie and Reyna, had been best friends since kindergarten. They were super excited to finally be going into sixth grade, to be older kids. They weren’t expecting it, but some new kids were coming into their grade to learn alongside them. One of the new kids, Baylee, became one of their best friends. One day, Baylee, Ellie, and Reyna started telling secrets to each other, excluding Amelia from their conversations. Amelia didn’t know what she did wrong, so she asked the three what they were talking about and why they weren’t including her. After lots of interrogation occurred, she finally figured out what their secret was. Baylee was throwing a birthday party and not inviting Amelia. She was very upset, and didn’t know what to do. And to make things worse, Baylee said to Amelia that she didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. This made Amelia even more confused, and Ellie and Reyna told her some more bad news. “What could get worse?” Amelia thought. That’s when Baylee dropped the bomb. She told Ellie and Reyna that they had to choose between her and Amelia! Read to find out what happens next!

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