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Book Two in Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying

Grapes the Monkey, Poems, The Wave, Rosie MacDonald and  Aqua Blaire Juniper

Age Range 4 to 11 (70 Pages) 

Claire Burbank Book Collection is a collection of books written and illustrated by Claire Burbank all by herself in the third & forth grade. There are four amazical books in the greatious volume two of Claire Burbank Book Collection. Volume one has  five  other books, we had so many we had to split them up .

Grapes the Monkey is in 2nd Grade. All of the other animals teased her because of her name and her thinking that her banana can grow back after eating it. Grapes tried to show them it was magical, but they didn’t care. They just thought it was special effects.

One day, a hippo named Lian stood up for her. Lian knew how to take it because she was bullied in Kindergarten.  Then a girl named Nia showed up and bullied her. Now it was time for Grapes to return the favor and stand up for her.

Thank you to everyone who is planning to buy this book. A special shout out to my family and friends for supporting my career. I hope you enjoy this book! (Crazy Monkeys the Monkey is in Book #1).

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