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Amazon Edition, some minor formatting and editing issues.  

Black and White edition. 

Sassy Tomatoes is a small chapter book about a tomato named Tina. The problem is that Tina is the only tomato that isn’t sassy. She feels like she doesn’t belong. The story begins with Tina being chased by a relentless neighborhood Bully Randall.    But one day she gets swept up in a tornado and ends up in a huge town. She eventually meets a young girl tomato named Diva, and boy is she one! They both have to travel and try to find Tina’s home, and Diva is only doing it so she can get this stranger away from her home! Along the way they met a tomato named Lemur who helps them find the trails. See what happens when Tina, Diva, and Lemur go on an adventure. A sassy adventure.

About billandmauraI am an eleven year old writer, and I have published six books on iTunes (so far). I love writing so much, and I also like singing and dancing.

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