The Lost Tribes of Masyarakat

Nora, and Daxton are playing hide-and-seek tag at their friend’s surprise birthday party. The three of them are hiding in some bushes in the woods when they realize everything looks different…they are lost. They walk and walk, trying to find a way home, and suddenly discover another being is in the woods with them. This being isn’t human, though…it’s a Masyarakat. Join these three adventurers in their journey to reunite all eight Masyarakat tribes while facing challenges such as dodging weapons, dealing with attitude, and trying to fix broken promises.

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Sassy Tomatoes Excerpt

I’m the only one. I’m the only one that isn’t sassy. I always wonder why every tomato is sassy but me.

It was just a normal Saturday. I stayed in my shack until rush hour was over. I walked outside, all ready for work, when I saw the most sassiest tomato hopping towards me. I didn’t want to get in his way! I hid behind the Porter Pottytow [paw-tea-toe] but Randall still found me. His face was more red than usual!

“Why did you stain Mrs. Stem’s couch at the party last night, you couch tomato?” he asked me. “You broke the rules, you mis- chievous devil!”

“It was an accident,” I replied, “now I have to get to work!”

“I don’t care!” he answered. “Now you lis- ten to me, you have to–”

“–get to work,” I interrupted. “Now will you please move out of my path?”

“No, you’re not the boss of me!” he whined. “You have to pay a fine of…uh, let’s see…$10,000 first.”

“Okay,” I answered. I had a plan. “First, I have to go earn my paycheck at work.”

See where I’m going with this?

“Fine,” Randall snapped, rolling his eyes. “I’ll be looking for you, Tina!”

“Okay,” I agreed.

I hopped off to work so my sassy boss, Tim, wouldn’t yell at me for being “late”.

When work was done, I waited for rush hour to be over. When it was, I went outside. Guess who I saw? Randall, hopping towards me.

“He must want that paycheck I told him I had,” I thought, hiding behind the Porter Pottytow again. Of course, he found me again because I hid there last time and he saw me hide behind it…both times.

“Tina…WHERE’S MY PAY-CHECK?!” he screamed.

I didn’t answer. We stood there for a couple of seconds and I finally made a move. I sprinted. I hopped towards my house as fast as I could. He was trailing after me. I reached the door and went inside. I closed it as tight as I could. I was just about to lock it, but I had just remembered: none of my doors have locks. So I went upstairs and put pressure on my bed- room door when I was inside it so Randall couldn’t break in. My chair and some baskets with stuffed animals in them were up against the entrance of my room.

I suddenly heard the sound of a door opening. I was sure Randall was in my room when I heard loud hops around the house. I had to made a plan to escape that sassy tomato. I just had to think.

Five Crows Excerpt

“Why would anyone want a crow?” Melvin asked me. “Crows are stupid.”

“No they aren’t!” I protested, crossing my arms. “Crows are brilliant!”

“I’d rather have a scarecrow for a pet than a crow,” Tabitha added. Everyone laughed. At me.

“You know, someday you’ll appreciate animals for who they are,” I told them. “Mom will never say no to getting a crow. I’ll even ask her today!”

“Pft!” Melvin scoffed, skeptically. “I bet you’ll have five crows tomorrow.” He was really good at being sarcastic!

“You know what, I’ve had it!” I shouted. “If I get one crow on Friday morning, you will owe me…20 bucks.”

“Deal!” he replied. “Get ready to pay up. I want a new basketball.”

“And I want five crows,” I answered, walking to the swings. YES! That was a good comeback.

I hopped on the swing next to Dana and smiled. “I’m getting a crow.”
“What?” she asked. “You’re mom is never going to let you get a crow.”

“Well, with a little trickering she will,” I explained. “I have a plan…”

Magically Acquainted

Book Seven in Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying 

Age Range 8 to 12 (108 Pages) 

Sky and Nora are mystical creatures on a whole new grade level. They are unprepared for what is coming up next. How could a unicorn and a mermaid go to the same school, you ask? You’ll just have to find out. Sky is a unicorn and is very shy. She is bullied by a rude fairy named Felicia Dankie. She tries to make Sky look “uncool” which is the thing she most feared–or so she thought. She later found out that losing her best friend was the scariest thing she could ever know. Nora is a mermaid and is very outgoing. She runs into a catty seahorse that is very sassy. This seahorse pushes her limits and even makes the outgoing mermaid cry. Join Sky and Nora as they try to solve the problem by making potions, fooling the bullies, and just talking it out. What will finally make the bullies stop?

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Magically Acq

Sassy Tomatoes

Book Five in Claire’s Bullying Series: Neighborhood Bullying

Age Range 5 to 11 (Pages 62) 

I wrote Sassy Tomatoes when I was 10 years old in the end of summer and the beginning of fifth grade.  It took a couple months to write in a notebook, and a week or two to type it up and insert the chapter pictures that I painted one weekend. It’s a book on Bullying and Friendship.

Sassy Tomatoes is a small chapter book about a tomato named Tina. The problem is that Tina is the only tomato that isn’t sassy. She feels like she doesn’t belong. The story begins with Tina being chased by a relentless neighborhood Bully Randall.    But one day she gets swept up in a tornado and ends up in a huge town. She eventually meets a young girl tomato named Diva, and boy is she one! They both have to travel and try to find Tina’s home, and Diva is only doing it so she can get this stranger away from her home! Along the way they met a tomato named Lemur who helps them find the trails. See what happens when Tina, Diva, and Lemur go on an adventure. A sassy adventure.

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Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume One

Book Two in Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying
Issac’s Diary, Mister Bobby Superhero, Crazy Monkeys and Beanie Moss
Age Range 4 to 11 (100 Color Illustrated Pages)
Claire Burbank Book Collection is a collection of books written and illustrated by Claire Burbank all by herself. There are four amazical books in the greatious volume one of Claire Burbank Book Collection. Volume two has  five more books. Crazy Monkeys is book dealing with Bullying at a Jungle School. 
Thank you to everyone who is planning to buy this book. A special shout out to my family and friends for supporting my career. I hope you enjoy this book!(Grapes the Monkey is in Book #2).
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Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume Two

Book Two in Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying

Grapes the Monkey, Poems, The Wave, Rosie MacDonald and  Aqua Blaire Juniper

Age Range 4 to 11 (70 Pages) 

Claire Burbank Book Collection is a collection of books written and illustrated by Claire Burbank all by herself in the third & forth grade. There are four amazical books in the greatious volume two of Claire Burbank Book Collection. Volume one has  five  other books, we had so many we had to split them up .

Grapes the Monkey is in 2nd Grade. All of the other animals teased her because of her name and her thinking that her banana can grow back after eating it. Grapes tried to show them it was magical, but they didn’t care. They just thought it was special effects.

One day, a hippo named Lian stood up for her. Lian knew how to take it because she was bullied in Kindergarten.  Then a girl named Nia showed up and bullied her. Now it was time for Grapes to return the favor and stand up for her.

Thank you to everyone who is planning to buy this book. A special shout out to my family and friends for supporting my career. I hope you enjoy this book! (Crazy Monkeys the Monkey is in Book #1).


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Mo Lemont

Book Six in Claire’s Bullying Series: Family Bullying

Age Range 8 to 12 (139 Pages)

Mo Lemont is a young singer that moves in with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin (who is a bully) in Alabama. She has difficulties facing troubles like her cousin, Rachael, and being a young artist in a new town. Sometimes it’s difficult moving from the city to the country. Read as twelve-year-old Mo Lemont faces her worst nightmares and gets through them. How will she deal with them? I don’t know, you’ll just have to find out.

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Loop of Dreams: 7th Title from Claire Burbank

This is the only book that is not part of Claire’s Bullying Series

Age Range 8 to 12 (85 Pages) 

Hi Everyone…I have just published my seventh book, Loop of Dreams.

Loop of Dreams? More like Loop of NIGHTMARES! Jackson cannot escape the night, join him as he dreams and dreams and dreams about crazy adventures!  From being Winter in May to having a psycho alien teacher? Join him as he solves the problems he created in his brain! Will he get out? Or will he be stuck in his brain forever? You’ll have to read to find out!

If you  don’t have ALL seven each one is only 99 cents, please get them today.

Five Crows

Book Four in Claire’s Bullying Series: School Bullying

Age Range 5 to 10 (82 Pages)

Five Crows is my forth book in my Bullying Series.  It is a short, 42 paged book that is about a girl named Gale Kettle who really loves crows,  she is teased by a kid named Melvin and wants to prove to him that a crow is a pet. When Melvin, a bully, makes a bet for her to get one, she asks her mom and things get out of hand. Will she make up with Melvin or will they still be enemies? When one of them sees that crows are in danger, they have to save the crows. Will everything work out or will everything fall apart? Read and find out.Claire Burbank Book Flyer v3.0 6 Books

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Thank you for reading, XOXO