Hello, my name is Claire Burbank and I am 14 years old. My books help children have good-time learning about bullying in a fun way. The books also teach lessons that help them develop coping skills and approaches to prevent bullying at school and in life.  In 2018 Claire Burbank  raised over $1000.00 for NH Schools, Libraries and Nottingham Charities.



I have published eleven books,  Eight of the books are in Claire’s Bullying Series.  To Find my  books in New Hampshire please visit Local Independent Bookstores. If you are looking on line, all you have to do is search “Claire Burbank” in Itunes or Barnes & Noble or go my page amazon.com/author/claireburbank.

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For more information on each book see the My Books section of this website.

Claire Bullying Series (CBS)

      1. Bullying (The Bully Book)
      2. Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume 1 : CBS 2
      3. Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume 2 : CBS 3
      4. Claire Burbank Book Collection Volume 2 : CBS  9
      5. Five Crows : CBS 4
      6. Sassy Tomatoes : CBS 5
      7. Mo Lemont : CBS 6
      8. The Loop of Dreams : A fun book not part of CBS
      9. Magically Acquainted : CBS 7
      10. I’m not invited: CBS 8
      11. The Lost Tribes of Masyarakat

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I have been writing since kindergarten, and I really love it. My journey began in the third grade when I wrote Bullying and shared it with my Guidance Councilor. The book went up on the Nottingham School website for a year. When it came down I wanted to keep sharing it with the world to help end all forms of Bullying. So, I began to publish my books on Itunes and Amazon! Now, as I become a stronger writer, my books are getting longer and my love of drawing & painting can be seen in my illustrations. Most of my books have a Bullying and empowerment theme. I hope that by telling stories of Bullying in a fun and different way that it changes the world one person at a time.

I love telling adventure, drama, comedy, and detail through writing. Most of my plot is original, but sometimes (mostly on my latest book) my sister/grandma/mom/dad help me with some ideas while I in the middle of writing a new book.

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