Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Claire Burbank and I’m fourteen years old. I always knew I had a passion for writing. In any free time I get, I think, “I want to write!” There are three reasons I do:

  1. It’s really fun to tell my own fictional stories with detail, drama and comedy.
  2. I want to publish my books so the world can read them and enjoy them.
  3. I want people to know the important issue of bullying but have a good time learning about it in a fun way (like Bullying, CBBC Volume One & Two, Five Crows, Sassy Tomatoes, Mo Lemont, Magically Acquainted and I’m Not Invited).

While I’m not writing, I’m either playing basketball, acting, singing, working on school work, or dancing.

Now finally, I’ll talk about my writing career. Once upon a time…Just kidding, who does that anymore? It all started back in third grade when I made a little book about bullying. (Available on iTunes, just search Claire Burbank…) It was about this girl named Amelda and she gets bullied. She gets teased about her appearance and how she was different from the others. I had watched many movies about bullying and had seen some people get bullied and didn’t even realize it. It probably took me about thirty minutes to write this little 7 paged picture book. I brought it to my classroom and showed it to my guidance counselor, who was the person it was dedicated to. She recognized my care for bullying and put it on the school website. When it was taken down for the next piece of news to be shown, I wanted people to keep viewing it. So, I decided to publish it along with the help of my dad and his many IT director friends. It was a long process, but we ended up publishing it on iTunes, and I wanted to keep writing. So, I decided to make and publish more books about bullying, realistic fiction or not so realistic fiction. I currently have published eight books: Bullying, CBBC (Claire Burbank Book Collection) Volume One, CBBC Volume Two, Five Crows, Sassy Tomatoes, Mo Lemont, Loop of Dreams and Magically Acquainted . I have worked really hard on all of these books and if you choose to read them, I appreciate it and hope it helps Stop Bullying. 

I have been on two basketball teams: one for many years, the other for one so far. The first one is the NYA (Nottingham Youth Association) basketball team. This team is really fun, and I get to have so much fun every practice. This team is the town team, not the school team. The school team is sixth grade and up, so I joined A.S.A.P. This team is also really fun, especially since fellow girls in my grade can relate with the schedule. Basketball is my favorite sport.

I have always been a fan of singing and acting. When I was younger, I used to go to church with my grandmother and older sister Ava (two years older than me). We always used to sing songs and do little plays. The first play I was in was Macbeth. I was Witch number one, WITCH (haha) was a really great part. My two best friends Sara and Jenny were witches number 2 and 3. The second play I was in was Annie. I was an unnamed orphan. It was a big play, and I was lucky to even get it! So even though it was a small part, it was really fun. The third play I was in was Sasquatched the Musical. There were a lot of mistakes in it, but people still loved it. I was Roberta, which was originally Bert but was changed to a girl part for me. I sang a song called “Eight Feet Tall” and the chorus was “Eight feet tall and it smelled like a skunk, eight feet tall and it smelled like a skunk, it was an eight feet tall and it smelled like a skunk, how do we know that you weren’t just drunk?” That play was really fun, and Sara and Jenny were in that one, too. The fourth play I was in was The Little Mermaid, the school play. And guess what part I got??? ARIEL!!!! I was so excited when I got the main part, all of that past experience paid off! My other best friend, Ainsley, got Ursula, which was really funny because she had to act as my enemy! Acting and singing is one of my favorite things to do. I was also a main character in a play called Alice @ Wonderland, a modern take on Alice in Wonderland. That has been my favorite show so far! I’ve also been in The Wizard of Oz as an ensemble member and an evil witch, and in Anne of Green Gables as 17 year old Ruby!


 I love writing so much, I want to pursue it as a career. I hope you enjoy my stories!

-Claire Burbank